Sell Sudden Coffee at your cafe or retail location.

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Offer a cutting edge, new coffee option to your customers or staff.

Sell single servings to customers leaving on a trip.


Serve specialty coffee without a big espresso machine


Offer guests or team members a lovely perk.


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Our secret method brews beans gently - like a pour over! This lets us capture complex, fruity flavor notes without the bitterness instant coffee is known for.

Brewed with a revolutionary method, totally new to instant coffee


Sudden Coffee starts with the highest quality beans available. Specialty grade coffee beans bring natural sweetness, intense aroma, and smooth flavor.

Made with single-origin beans from Equator Coffee

Not common among instant coffee in the US, freeze-drying dehydrates coffee using a vacuum instead of heat. This preserves fragile aromatic molecules.

Freeze-dried in small batches


Sudden Coffee is finally packaged in air-tight, compostable tubes. Each tube has a shelf life of 6 months or longer, so you'll never have too much.

Sustainably packaged with a 6-month shelf life

Our Process

Joining craft & science, Sudden Coffee was created by an award winning barista & a Stanford engineer.

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